2024 National

Saturday, 31st August 2024

St Pauls Castle Hill


About the Movement

A growing number of grandparents believe the time is now, to chart a new course, to encourage and equip grandparents to grab hold of their potential influence and instill in them a fresh vision in helping them share their love and faith in Christ with their grandchildren so that they are able to leave a living faith legacy.

National Conference

Our annual National Grandparents Conference is just one part of our movement, but one which draws hundreds of people each year to hear from renowned national and international speakers.

Local Ministry

We are launching seminars for churches and community groups as well as small group ministry networks to equip and encourage grandparents and ministry leaders to leave a living legacy.


Keep in touch and plug in to year-round videos, commentaries, blogs and other informative content. Always remember that it only takes one grandparent to make a difference.

2024 National Grandparent Conference

The National Grandparent Conference (NGC) seeks to engage, equip and encourage grandparents and ministry leaders to be intentional in leaving a faith legacy for others to follow, especially our grandchildren. The 2024 NGC will once again bring together a diverse range of inspirational speakers, who in sharing their insight and experience, will seek to encourage grandparents to grab hold of the possibilities that exist for seeing the generations that follow us, grow in health both spiritually and emotionally.


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2024 Speakers

Rev. Ian Barnett

Dr John Lennox

Andrea Musulin

Rev. Dr Graham Cole​

Susy Lee

Rev. Dr Archie Poulos

City Alight

Please Note: The conference will also include interviews about raising grandchildren, guest artists who will add to your experience and enjoyment across the day plus opportunities to sign up to run your own grandparent ministry.

What People are Saying

Excellent day. Very well organised and friendly. Very appropriate topics.


All in all I thought it was all absolutely fantastic—had heard great reports from 2018 but hadn’t realised how wonderful, informative and entertaining it would be.


Excellent speakers, well run program—best conference to date.

Robert & Meryl

This conference helped me focus on this unique role. I came away encouraged and validated—my role as a grandparent is important and benefited from spending the time to add some new ideas and skills to this special part of my family’s life.


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